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Stamford Parking Garage Design-Build

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Progress on the Stamford Parking Garage Design-Build Project

Yonkers was selected as the Design-Builder for the Stamford Parking Garage project. The garages’ footprint sits in an urban neighborhood nestled between I-95 and Metro-North Railroad, and elevated above South State Street. The project is currently in its second year of construction.  During the first year, overhead and underground utilities were relocated or removed, the new storm drain system was added, all 600 linear feet of retaining walls were built, garage foundations were finalized, the precast concrete garage was fabricated and erected, and the structural steel for the elevator tower was completed.  At the end of the first year, the project also reached a major milestone by reconstructing South State Street under the new garage and opening it up to the traveling public.  In the second and final year of the project, the pedestrian bridge that connects the new garage to the existing train station will be completed, as well as all architectural elements including the illuminated metal basket façade, three all-glass elevators and new direct access from the new parking garage to the existing train platform. The new parking garage and its iconic pedestrian bridge will provide seamless intermodal transportation connections to the train station, train platforms, and local streets. 


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