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PROJECT NYC Borough Based Jails Design-Build Program

Sitework & Foundation

NYC Borough Based Jails Design-Build Program – Bronx Site Preparation (NYCDDC)

The Bronx Jail Preparation site is bordered by E 142nd Street to the north, E 141st Street to the south, Concord Avenue to the west, and Bruckner Boulevard and Southern Boulevard to the east. The site is also adjacent to the underground MTA No. 6 Subway. 


This Design-Build contract will prepare the site for the future construction of the new Bronx Jail.  The contract requires Yonkers to excavate and remove from the site the remains of the former Lincoln Hospital which was imploded in the 1970’s.  After the hospital was demolished, the site was capped with asphalt and, in the 1990’s, the NYPD began using the site as a tow compound. 

Yonkers anticipates commencing mass excavation, debris removal and backfilling of the site in August 2022. In preparation for the mass excavation the Yonkers Design-Build Team executed a comprehensive site validation program that located, identified, sampled, and characterized existing hazardous materials. A Hazardous Material Handling, Segregation and Disposal Plan was prepared by the Yonkers Design-Build Team ensuring safety for the workers, environment, and the public at large. 

The Design-Build scope of work included maintaining and relocating electric, gas, water, and communication utilities in the surrounding streets and within the site. Yonkers will design and install a Support of Excavation wall along Concord Avenue that will retain the sidewalk and roadway. The wall will be a drilled pipe wall with timber lagging that will be socketed into rock. A major element of work requires the relocation of an active 30inch storm sewer system while maintaining service. Yonkers is performing community outreach and implementing environmental controls to inform and protect the community during each stage of the work.


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