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PROJECT Route 17/32 Design-Build

Highways and Bridges

Route 17 at Route 32 (Exit 131) Interchange Reconstruction, Design-Build (NYSDOT)

The Route 17/32 interchange was impacted by high-volume traffic flows generated by three local schools and one of the largest outdoor malls in the country, which is a central hub for commuters, tourists, and shoppers that serves 20,000 to 50,000 vehicles per day.


This design-build project required the complete design and reconstruction of the highway interchange along Route 17 at Route 32 (Exit 131) in Harriman, NY. Yonkers designed and built a diverging-diamond interchange (DDI) for this unique and challenging intersection.


This innovative design features simple traffic patterns without opposable left turns which increases safety in the corridor by over 50%. Major construction work included the complete replacement of the storm drain system along a mile section of Route 17 and Route 32, construction of three new bridges, demolition and construction of one bridge, lowering a mile section of Route 17 by 4-feet, reconstruction of all associated ramps, concrete and asphalt pavement, the construction of Precast T-walls, and the replacement of all 15 bearings on an existing bridge. For bearing replacement, Yonkers designed a reusable system of steel members and jacks capable of supporting/lifting 400-tons. This steel support system was used at both abutments and center pier without disrupting traffic traveling underneath it or riding over it.


The new interchange includes all new highway lighting, a new adaptable traffic light system, and construction of two new Park-N-Rides servicing over 400 vehicles.

Yonkers was recipient of a 2019 Excellence in Partnering Award for Informal Partnering by the AGC of New York State.


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