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PROJECT Site J, No. 7 Subway Extension (MTA-NYCT)

Sitework & Foundation

Site J, No. 7 Subway Extension (MTA-NYCT)

Located on 11th Avenue between W 33rd and W 34th Streets in Manhattan, this “Site J” facility is part of the No. 7 Subway Extension from Times Square to 34th Street. Yonkers performed a massive site excavation and constructed the reinforced concrete ventilation building and station entrance to house the equipment and systems serving the No. 7 Subway Line running tunnels and the 34th Street Station.


Yonkers’ work involved: an open cut excavation of the site for foundation elements and internal dewatering system, excavation of Shaft J; mining two inclined entrance tunnels for escalators; temporary SOE systems; construction of tunnel portal; reinforced concrete lining, walls and slabs for the shaft and tunnel structures; construction of a reinforced concrete Ventilation Building and Entrance Structure; and various utilities embedded in concrete including drainage pipes, electrical, traction power, and communications.


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