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PROJECT Stamford Parking Garage Design-Build


Stamford Parking Garage Design-Build

The Stamford Parking Garage is a design-build project for the Connecticut DOT that will bring a state-of-the-art and iconic parking garage to the City of Stamford located by the existing train station.  Along with the precast concrete garage, which will hold over 930 vehicles, the project includes a covered 320-foot pedestrian bridge encased in glass that directly connects the new garage to the existing train station, three glass elevators in an all-glass shaft going from the new sidewalk to all garage levels and clad on all fours sides with painted aluminum baskets illuminated by LED lights capable of any color in the spectrum.  The garage will be constructed with ecological design elements, have 38 car charging stations, and solar energy powering a portion of the electric needs.  This new structure is nestled between I-95 and Metro-North Railroad and is elevated above a reconstructed city road, South State Street.


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