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PROJECT Ridge Hill Village (Forest City Ratner)


Rockview Substation (Con Edison)

Within Con Edison’s Dunwoodie facility, Yonkers constructed a new area substation to ensure delivery of reliable electrical service. The new substation included three transformers with room for expansion to five as future load requirements warrant. Work included all excavation, drainage and backfill of the general site area; cast-in-place concrete foundations; construction of the new precast concrete substation building, and all electrical work in the substation including switchgear equipment and transformer pads. Existing electrical feeders were re-routed and new feeders installed. Underground utility connections (water, sanitary sewer, fire protection) were also installed. Site work included construction of retaining walls, a new access driveway and paved parking areas. A moat drainage system was built along with two separate drainage systems to collect storm water runoff from the building roof and adjacent paved areas.


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