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PROJECT Woodbury Toll Barrier and Widening of Thruway (NYSTA)

Highways and Bridges

Woodbury Toll Barrier and Widening of Thruway (NYSTA)

One of the busiest toll plazas on the NYS Thruway, the plaza’s original configuration had 15 lanes with 6 dedicated to E-Z Pass only and 9 as “mixed mode”. The plaza handles around 42,000 to 62,000 vehicles a day varying by season, a total volume of 16 million vehicles annually.


Major reconstruction of the toll plaza performed by Yonkers included widening approximately 2.5 miles of the Thruway mainline to provide four lanes, two in each direction, dedicated to Highway Speed E-Z Pass (65 mph). With traffic continuously moving through the plaza, reconstruction was performed over a 2-year period culminating in the first Highway Speed E-Z Pass toll plaza on the Thruway system. Work included ITS improvements for both the new high-speed lanes and the traditional mixed-use lanes.

Project awarded as the Outstanding ITS Project of the Year – ACEC NY & NJ Chapter 2011.



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